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   A/C Performance Maintenance Agreement Plan
 What we do during a Performance Tune-up:

  Gas Furnace Check :
                                  * Test for carbon monoxide leaks
                                  * Clean burner assembly
                                  * Clean blower if needed
                                  * Inspect filtration system
                                  * Adjust blower components
                                  * Lubricate motor
                                  * Tighten electrical connections
                                  * Check vent and gas piping

  Elect. Heating Check: 
                                   * Inspect evaporator coil
                                   * Oil motor if possible
                                   * Clean blower if needed
                                   * Check safety controls
                                   * Check electric heat elements
                                   * Check voltage and amperage 

Outdoor unit check:    
                                   * Clean condenser coil if needed
                                   * Clean drains
                                   * Check electrical connections
                                   * Check refrigerant pressures
                                   * Check compressor and motor
                                   * Check heat pump parts
                                   * Check for Freon leaks
                                   * Check thermostat operation
Air Comfort Service Co. offers our Performance Preventative Agreement Plan that we give you 2 annual Check-Ups, one year of coverage for no over-time service calls and 20% off any parts needed. 20 % off units if you ever need a replacement system. 

All this for just $165 a year and $100 for addition systems.  
Our SILVER Plan for $215 adds the replacement of your run capacitor which is a part that can fail every year or so.
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